Monday, November 11, 2013

DIY Fecal Transplants to cure yourself

It is hard not to get angry at doctors - even specialists - who look right at you and say "It has nothing to do with what you eat." and "No one knows what causes UC."

Really, it has a lot to do with what we eat - or don't eat. What we eat either starves our microbiome or feeds it - the good bacteria or the bad bacterial.

Over the last year and a half I have learned SO much about how we need our microbes in our environment and how antibiotics are killing off our microbes. Sometimes antibiotics are necessary but we should be told to be consuming probiotic and prebiotic foods especially while on antibiotics.

Fermented vegetables, homemade yogurt, kefir, etc, all help feed our microbiome.

For those of you who suffering with UC, Crohns, or IBS and want to find a solution to end your suffering, a home fecal transplant may be the answer.

This video by Michael Hurst from will show you the steps to doing a home FMT:

I recommend this site as well as to read how others have been cured by doing a home FMT by restoring the bacteria in their microbiome that antibiotics had killed off, creating dreadful colitis symptoms.

Just think how nice it will be to leave your house again and not have to know where every bathroom is!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Almost 1 year since the first FMT

It has now been almost 1 year since doing the first FMT. I am still symptom free and drug free.

I am still eating SCD, although I did eat a Subway sandwich about a week ago with no reaction at all. Perhaps I the good bacteria is getting a good colony going and I am healing on the inside.

I can eat grapes now, which I couldn't eat before doing a FMT. That shows me that I am able to digest more of what I am eating, which is a good sign.

I am still eating homemade yogurt,homemade sauerkraut, and homemade kefir, every day. I know that helps feed the good bacteria in my gut.

I don't think I will ever go back to eating all the sugar and bread I used to. I feel SO much better and feel I have regained all my strength back that I had lost over those 3 1/2 years of not digesting food.

I am SO glad I was able to find where others wrote about how they did a FMT and it helped them. I firmly believe that the combination of SCD and FMT is what is healing me from UC.

Sugar, yeast, starch, gluten (grains) and lactose all feed the bacteria. Stop feeding the bad bacteria and start feeding the good bacteria and the symptoms go away.

Not sure how long I will stay exclusively SCD, but I want to be positive I don't have any setbacks.

If you have every wondered of doing a home fecal transplant will put you on the road to recovery, what have you got to lose?

(Read the procedure I did for a home fecal transplant on my November 2012 post.)


Monday, September 16, 2013

Still doing well after a home FMT

I am still doing great - still eating SCD and only veering off the diet slightly. 99.9% of my diet is SCD, which I know is making a HUGE difference.

I am still going normally, once a day, like I did before the antibiotic that started this horrible roller-coaster that lasted several years. I can't say enough how doing a home fecal transplant in combination with SCD (no yeast, lactose, sugar, grains and starch) had began the healing process in my gut.

It feels SO good to be closer to normal every day. I can actually eat tomatoes this year from my garden. Something I had not been able to do with out a reaction for about 4 years.

If you are considering trying a home fecal transplant, what have you go to lose, besides the drugs and your symptoms!


Friday, August 9, 2013

Doing great again

It is early August I am still doing great and having normal bms since the small flare I had in early June. That flare was caused from eating some non-SCD foods. Then just one transplant got me back to regular bms, with no symptoms.

I haven't taken any drugs for about 1 1/2 years. I am glad for that!

The key for me is to say eating SCD for a while longer. Perhaps I am not healed enough but I believe that perhaps there are still spores of bad bacteria in my gut that is just waiting to eat again. Hopefully they will all starve soon.

I am eating lots of fermented pickles, homemade yogurt and kefir, to hopefully build backup the good bacteria in my gut.

Living symptom free is worth eating differently. Life between meals is more important to me than what I eat.