Friday, October 31, 2014

Two years since the first transplant and doing great

It has been two years since that first fecal transplant. I am still doing great with no symptoms and haven't been on any of the drugs to turn off my immune system for about 2 1/2 years now.

The GI told me that I would have to take those drugs for the rest of my life... well, that was before removing sugar, lactose and grains from my diet and doing approximately 6 fecal transplants in a one-year spam.

I am still avoiding sugar, lactose and grains but may have just a small amount only on rare occasions. I ate my first chocolate chip the other day and my gut didn't even notice, which meant I have made great progress!

I have learned SO much about why my gut went crazy and gave me explosive diarrhea shortly after a round of antibiotics (zpack), then undergoing routine surgery to trim up some torn cartilage.

Antibiotics to the gut are like bulldozing a garden and then hoping the good plants (tomato, green beans, peppers, lettuce, etc.) grow back instead of the weeks. Everyone knows that where grass has been dug up in your yard, weeds will grow back with a vengeance if you don't plant grass seed and get what you want to grow, established again. That is what fecal transplants do for our gut.

I am looking forward to the day where others can be given the opportunity to have fecal transplants to heal their gut instead of drugs to turn off their immune system, which may leave them open to cancers and other illnesses. God made our immune system to help our body heal. It goes after bacteria that gets out of line - this is what doctors call 'autoimmune disease - which they are saying is bad, and it is, however, it should be a red-flag that there is some bacteria out of line. Turning off the immune response is not the solution.

If you are still considering doing home fecal transplants to heal your gut, I would say go for it!

I am living proof that it works, when combined with diet (no sugar, lactose and grains) while the gut heals.

Here is a funny video that will make you laugh -


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Gut Reaction - Very informative videos

I am still doing great and still eating SCD and in recovery from ulcerative colitis, caused by an antibiotic for a sinus infection several years ago.

I just make my first batch of kombucha and I am excited to see how it turns out. Kombucha a fermented tea that is full of microbes that is good for your gut.

Here is another helpful link on how antibiotics can affect our health down the road:

I watched this awesome video, shown in Australia called Gut Reaction, Part 1. You can watch it using this link below:


Gut Reaction Part 2 is linked below:


I hope I have inspired at least a few of you to change your diet and start eating SCD so you too can recover from these horrible gut issues.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

On the road to healing from UC

I am still doing great. No symptoms, taking no drugs, just a few supplements. I am back up to my usual weight of 107 lbs, up from 95 lbs.

All I can say is FMT works, combined with staying away from any processed foods, grains and sugar and adding fermented foods.

I am still eating the same - SCD - and eating feremented foods every day. I am eating fresh lettuce out of the garden, barely rinsed to get all the natural bacteria from the garden to my gut. Growing cucumbers, dill and garlic and planning to make fermented pickles as soon as the cucumbers are ready.

If you don't know how to make fermented foods, here is one place you can order them from:

Agri - Cultured, Sycamore St, Dallas Center, Iowa 50063 - (319) 400-2465

Their Facebook page is here:

Making your own fermented foods is very easy. You can search on Google and find LOTS of information on fermenting foods at home.

One thing I have learned is that even though my mouth would love to eat some nuts, my gut is not ready for them yet.