Thursday, December 20, 2012

Added fermented veggies

It is now December 20 and I am still doing well, since doing a home fecal transplant.

I have added fermented veggies that I did at home using sea salt and water. I have fermented broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and cucumbers.

I am not all that thrilled with the taste, but I can tell a huge difference as far as smell of passed gas since starting the fermented veggies.

Still eating all SCD foods. Nothing really seems to give me a reaction, unlike before the FMT.

I am still staying away from non-SCD foods so my body has time to heal and get fully restored. Not sure I will ever go back to eating like I used to.  I love sweets, candy, etc. sigh... but fresh pineapple tastes just as good in some homemade 24-hour yogurt with a bit of honey.

I hope others are able to find healing and be free from the suffering of UC, a I feel I am.


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